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 Digital Terrestrial & Mobile TV Transmitter, Model:Symphony-5W/10W
Main Feature

   项目符号  Support major digital terrestrial and mobile TV standards, including DVB-T/T2,ISDB-T,ATSC,DTMB,DVB-H,FLO,CMMB
   项目符号  2 TS ASI inputs in redundancy mode
   项目符号  PID Filtering and Insertion
   项目符号  Constellation: QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, FFT: 2k, 4k, 8k
   项目符号  Guard Interval: 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, FEC: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
   项目符号  RF output power 5W/10W in compact 1RU chassis
   项目符号  RF channel bandwidth: 6MHz, 7MHz, 8MHz
   项目符号  Output frequency agile from 470MHz to 862MHz
   项目符号  LDMOS wide band UHF amplifier technology
   项目符号  Powerful linear and non-linear pre-correction
   项目符号  Support crest factor adjustment
   项目符号  Support SFN and MFN with MIP processing
   项目符号  External and internal 10MHz and 1PPS inputs
   项目符号  Front panel LED status monitoring and LCD menu
   项目符号  IP Web control and supervision, SNMP in option
   项目符号  Dual-exciter in option
   项目符号  Satellite input and built-in GPS in option


Technical Specification


   项目符号 Support DVB-T/T2,ISDB-T,ATSC,DTMB, DVB-H, FLO,CMMB standards
   项目符号 2 x ASI inputs in redundancy mode with clever switching, bit rate adaptation
   项目符号 PID Filtering Insertion for TV program cut and Insertion
   项目符号 Connector type: 2 BNC female, Impedance 75Ohm
   项目符号 Satellite input in option

RF Output:

         项目符号    Central frequency: 470MHz to 862MHz
   项目符号  RF output power: 5W/10W digital
   项目符号  Channel bandwidth: 6MHz, 7MHz, 8MHz
   项目符号  Signal stability: +/-0.5dB
   项目符号  Modulation error ratio(MER):>33dB in DVB-T
   项目符号  Shoulders: >38dBc @±4.2MHz in DVB-T(8MHz)
   项目符号  VSWR: 3:1 (self protected)
   项目符号  Connector type: N-type female, Impedance 50Ohm

   项目符号  Linear pre-correction: amplitude and group delay
   项目符号  Non linear pre-correction: AM-AM, AM-PM

Adjustable Crest Factor :
Crest factor range: 8-20dB
   项目符号    Crest factor optimization range: 1-255

   Clock Reference:
       项目符号        Automatic 10MHz and 1PPS loss management
       项目符号     Internal 10MHz
                Frequency derivation:<+/-0.3ppm; <1Hz with GPS
         Output level: 0dBm +/- 3dB
       项目符号    External GPS
         10MHz input level: -15dBm to +15dBm
         1PPS input level: TTL level, pulse width: 1us
       项目符号    Built-in GPS receiver option
       项目符号    Built-in satellite receiver option

   Control Mode:
Local control: buttons, LCD screen, LEDs
       项目符号    Remote control: User friendly interface through RS-  232 port and IP Web browser, SNMP in option

Power supply: AC 90-264V/50-60Hz
       项目符号      Power Consumption: <72W for 5W transmitter
                <97W for 10W transmitter
       项目符号  Operating temperature:-5 to +45 degrees
       项目符号   Storage condition: -20 to 80 degrees
       项目符号   Dimension: 482.6mm(W)x500mm(D)x44.3mm(H) (1RU)
       项目符号   Weight: 8.9kg

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