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Multi-Format Professional HDTV Processor, Model:DCH-5100P
 DCH-5100P is the latest generation of PBI professional IRD and HDTV Processor series. As a successive product, DCH-5100P inherits all features and functions of the previous generation DCH-5000P, and beyond DCH-5000P, DCH-5100P could support two AC-3 or down-mixed PCM audio pass-through over SDI and AES-EBU, and one AC3 or down-mixed PCM audio over HDMI. Moreover, DCH-5100P could support 1280x720P 50 and 1280x720P 60 video format output over SDI, and 32K, 44.1K and 48K audio sampling rate.

The integrated decoder complies with MPEG-4 (AVC high profile level 4.1) and MPEG-2 (MP@ ML&MP@HL) standards. Equipped with different tuner, DCH-5100P could support various optional of reception for DVB-T2*1, DVB-S2/S, DVB-C, DVB-T, TS-over-IP, and ASI Input. Equipped with two CI slots, multi-descramble could be achieved by working with professional CAM
modules. The descrambled stream could be delivered to the ASI output port directly, or to the built-in re-multiplexer, or to the IP Output port. Meantime, the decoded video could be outputted via HDMI or via SDI with embedded audio, or via YPbPr component interface, or via CVBS. The built-in re-multiplexer could accept transport streams from tuner, two ASI inputs, IP input, and the descrambled stream from CI slot, and output stream could be highly customized thanks to theuser-configurable regeneration of PSI/SI tables. Moreover, fully PCR re-mapping, re-use the original NIT or re-generate a new NIT, TS parameters modifications such as TSID, Network ID, and ONID are fully supported on DCH-5100P. User could take full control and surveillance via Webpage or HDMS (SNMP based network management software) or via the programmer unit locally.
Note*1: DVB-T2 option is coming soon.



  1  Factory optional for DVB-T2, DVB-S2/S, DVB-C, DVB-T reception
  1  MPEG-2(MP@ ML& MP@HL)and MPEG 4 Part 10 (AVC high profile level 4.1) standards compliant and decoding
  1  Wide choice of I/O interfaces, including ASI input/output, CVBS output, YPbPr output, HDMI output, SD/HD SDI output (embedded 2 pairs stereos audio), AES/EBU output, 10/100M or 100/1000M TS over IP input/output (optional), DS3 interface (optional)
  1  DS3 in/out interface is compatible with Barco, Huawei protocols
  1  Built-in re-multiplexer
  1  BISS 1 or BISS E decryption
  1  Dynamic PMT detection and automatic update
  1  WSS support 
  1  Closed caption support
  1  10/100M Ethernet TSoIP I/O, compatible for future Gigabit Ethernet daughter board
  1  UDP and RTP for TS over IP I/O
  1  DVB and IPTV mode IP output
  1  Unicast and Multicast support
  1  Control and surveillance over WEB or HDMS software remotely
  1  Two DVB-CI slots, support multiple programs decryption

The following features are the basis of DCH-5100P
  1  Support one AC3 pass-through or PCM audio over HDMI port
  1  Support two AC3 or PCM audio embedded in SDI output port
  1  Support AC3 pass-through or PCM output on two AES/EBU output port
  1  Support 1280x720P 50 and 1280x720P 60 format on SDI output
  1  Support 1080i 59.94Hz on SDI, HDMI and YPbPr output
  1  Support 32K, 44.1K and 48K audio sampling
  1  The volume of analog audio could be set independently. Digital audio will be output with max volum


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