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Teamcast New DTMB/DVB-T2 Digital Modulator,TORNADO

Beijing (China), 21 March 2013 – Digital Horizon and its French partner Teamcast are releasing and highlighting at CCBN exhibition the new TORNADO product range.

TORNADO consists of a set of modulators especially designed for Chinese Transmitter manufacturers supporting DTMB modulation, PAL and DVB-T2 on the same hardware. It brings latest-state-of-the-art modulation techniques plus Digital Adaptive Pre-correction mechanism for top class of RF signal performances. Local Chinese Transmitter manufacturer’s can decide to integrate TORNADO choosing either the OEM model or the 1-RU rack form factor.

“There is a double objective with TORNADO. First of all, the new and very innovative Digital Pre-correction algorithm implemented on TORNADO modulator, will allow Chinese transmitter manufacturers to increase their transmitter design performances, especially in term of MER, shoulder levels, and therefore power efficiency”, says Mr Eric PINSON, Business Unit Manager at TEAMCAST. “Second of all, the use of the DVB-T/T2 worldwide leading technology on the same hardware will be a key feature for any transmitter manufacturers who is willing to develop and extend his international business opportunities”, adds Eric.

TORNADO features a third generation of DTMB modulation core. Flexible input stream formats include ASI and IP streaming inputs. The TORNADO platform comes with a completely new hardware, especially designed to bring maximum performances at the lowest cost. It is fully compatible with the DVB-T/T2 modulation core designed by TeamCast and today worldwide renown with more than 3000 TeamCast T2 modulators currently in operation.

 “After the successful development in the China mobile TV CMMB market, Teamcast is working on the new DTMB modulator solution for the China Analogue Terrestrial TV switch in 2015”, says Dr. Min ZHANG, CEO of Digital Horizon. “The objective is to provide to Chinese transmitter manufacturers a cost effective, plug and play OEM modulator module or a complete Teamcast brand 1RU modulator in rack”.

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